12 January 2021

Separation From Reality

Separation from reality. . .

This characterizes a fairly large segment of the American population. 

The woman in the video, Juliette Kayyem, is the other side of our current American coin, the flip side of the MAGA hillbillies.

That such a person can appear on a national television outlet (CNN) and present such a gross distortion ought to be alarming.

Donald Trump is an incompetent President, a sore loser, and guilty (through his immature thinking) of reckless endangerment.  But he is certainly not the Operational Leader of a Terrorist Organization.  This, in fact, is as stupid as the ludicrous charge MAGA hillbillies bring against Joe Biden when they call him an agent of the CCP.

How is it that so many Americans, whatever their imaginary political differences  (because at core they embrace the same crude material system of life), can not process reality?

This is the result of a way of life.

*Americans* are not real.  Human beings are brought into existence through haphazard mating and some find themselves birthed *here,* and from their unfortunate birth are entered into a way of life that teaches them to identify themselves as Americans, and to embrace being American, to acknowledge its priority, and strive after Americanism (gross material existence, gained through the exploitation and murder of external others, who are identified as enemies.  We are good, they are evil, now go on untroubled about the business of America). 

This way of life becomes the crutch on which the sheeple limp through their lives. . .too terrified of the unknown to try to find a genuine foundation for existence of their own.   

Such an artificial existence is easily subject to emotional disturbance, as is evident in the American rate of suicide, addiction (chemical and physical) and neurosis.

In a time of trauma, such as living under the shadow of the virus death, the sheeple lean ever more heavily on their crutches.  Thus the MAGA hillbilly embraces ever more fervently his savior Trump, who diminishes the virus.  If Trump were to be removed, then they are left alone to face the virus in its true form.  The MAGA hillbillies are literally fighting for their lives as they storm the Capitol to overturn the electoral fraud that threatens their savior.

Likewise, unhinged leftists such as Juliette Kayyem feel threatened when the *terrorist* Trump, who has denied the virus and failed to protect the sheeple from it, tries to cling to power and block their leftist savior, Biden, who will acknowledge the virus and protect them from it with *good* government.

Fear clouds the sheeple's vision. . .

We must also consider one other not insignificant factor: the dishonesty of American government.

When the truth is not told about traumatic events such as Ruby Ridge and Waco, the sheeple will attempt to piece together a narrative that enables them to take control of a situation that shakes their way of life.

It's shameful how Timothy McVeigh has not been referenced in our current state of illusion, for the MAGA hillbillies of today are practicing McVeighism.  The government has failed them in their time of trauma, and it is now up to them to take their own action to safeguard their way of life.

The same dishonesty hangs over from *9/11* to this day.  When truth is abandoned, then everything is open to question, and thus nothing in America is real, anymore.  Every traumatic event is now questioned, examined for *crisis actors,* *false flags,* *psy-ops.*  Every traumatic event becomes occult, hiding a sinister true core that threatens the sheeple's ideological existential crutch.  Thus a virus can be a *hoax,* and a close election held in the midst of a virus trauma threatens each side's belief system. The leftists are trying to wipe out conservatives by stealing the election from Trump, who protects them from the reality of the virus, the right-wingers are trying to over-turn the will of the people and leave democrats at the mercy of the virus-denying Trump!  This is the cracked mirror of the American fun house.  And it's no surprise to see the vampire of *9/11,* Rudolph Giuliani, reanimated from the fear of our current trauma.  The more things change in America, the more they stay the same.


  1. After all these years, you continue to be my favorite writer!

  2. Thank you for the high compliment!

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