28 April 2009

Class War and Blood? Not As Long As We Still Have The Dollar Menu.

I wish it were true, Pepe, I really do. But you underestimate the sloth of the American. One or two psychotics can be roused by blow-hards such as Hannity to go on shooting sprees, but the kind of sustained energy required for *class war and blood* is beyond the American. Maybe in Europe, France certainly, the French still have a pulse, but not in America. After losing their jobs, Americans quietly disappear from the homes they can no longer afford. . .they drift to $600-a-month apartments, take part-time service industry jobs, eat off the fast food dollar menus, watch *Lost* and then go to bed. The thought of picking up a brick and tossing it through the window at the corner branch of JPMorganChase never enters their somnolent minds. There are enough bread crumbs and circuses to keep the infantile American pacified.


  1. Ugh, the McDonald's "food." If it's that easy to pacify, perhaps we should let the house burn down.

  2. I'm starting to sense a pattern here...

    Are you trying to tell us you're NOT a patriot?!!!!!!

    Geez- it's like you've never heard that Lee Greenwood song

  3. Lee Greenwood did furniture commercials here in GA. One of the few bennies of 9/11 was he no longer did those stupid commercials because he went on his "Proud to be an American" tour or whatever.

    And you gotta understand, I'm still pissy the South lost. . .

  4. After thinking about it for a while, I don't understand "national identity" when the nation is so huge and diverse.

    Let me say: Pedro Martinez don't identify with Leroy Brown anymore than he identifies with Steve McDuffy.

    So, that is to say, I don't understand any form of nationalism when it is one born out of a mish mash of everything and nothing at the same time. It's hollow. What do Americans believe in? I guess a bunch believe in Nike and McDonalds and malls and the such. I wouldn't really know on an intimate level because it's been a few years since my last McDonald's visit (I could count on my left hand how many times I've been in 20 years; my parents thought it was overpriced garbage), as far as footwear I go for one brand (Justin boots; though I hope Tony Lama is in my range one day), and I've been in one mall in the last decade and that was with the gf. . . . she has since learned not to take me to those places as it puts me in a horrible depression and she doesn't get laid for a week.

    Most of my friends are of the same mind. . . . so, if me and my friends were to start a nation, I'd be nationalistic. But we aren't. We share this land with a bunch of miscreants (in my estimation; they likely think lowly of me). So why would I want to fight and die for some jerk that gets his satisfaction from a Pepsi and a pair of Nike's?

    I like this country enough. The government could be a lot smaller, for sure, and mass consumerism could take a few steps back. This quantity over quality thing (in housing this is very much enabled by illegal labor) is a cancer. . . .

    But I like this country enough. Those I care for mean a world more to me though. . .