15 April 2009

Obama vs The Pirates

13 April 2008: President Barack Obama promised Monday to work with other nations "to halt the rise of piracy," while Somali pirates vowed revenge for the deaths of three colleagues shot by snipers during the daring high-seas rescue of an American sea captain.

The pirates' threat raised fears for the safety of some 230 foreign sailors still held hostage in more than a dozen ships anchored off lawless Somalia. At a Washington news conference, Obama said: "We have to continue to be prepared to confront them when they arise, and we have to ensure that those who commit acts of piracy are held accountable for their crimes," the president said. Somali pirates said they were undaunted. "From now on, if we capture foreign ships and their respective countries try to attack us, we will kill them (the hostages)," Jamac Habeb, a 30-year-old pirate, told The Associated Press from one of Somalia's piracy hubs, Eyl. "(U.S. forces have) become our No. 1 enemy."

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said the Somali pirates who were killed were 17 to 19 years old. "Untrained teenagers with heavy weapons," Gates said at the Marine Corps War College in Quantico, Va.

So now it comes out the *terrifying* pirates our great hero SEALS blew away were just three raggedy Somali teens who probably didn’t even know how to use the weapons they were holding. . .

What was *heroic* about these ridiculously named *SEALS?* From the information that is now coming out, it appears the raggedy Somali teen pirates were ready to surrender. . .a bit more patience in the negotiating, and nobody would have to have been killed. But the SEALS probably didn’t want their chance to win some cheap headlines spoiled by a peaceful ending, and Obama wanted to appear *decisive,* so the quintessential American thumbs-up to violence was given, and the teen pirates were shot dead.

And now we have our new Leader declaring war on pirates! Absurd. But typical. A typical American over-reaction. A typical VIOLENT American over-reaction.

Look, let’s put this thing in perspective:

Phil Spector has killed more people than these Somali pirates.

But now we have Obama and his brain trust plotting a full-blown military campaign:

AP, 14 April 2009: The United States is considering new strategies in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean hostage drama, including adding Navy gunships along the Somalian coastline and launching a campaign to disable pirate "mother ships."

The pirates are a nuisance. Nothing more than a cost of doing business.

[And that *business* Westerners are doing may be corrupt. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it appears there may be more to the *pirate* story than meets the eye.]

Well, they WERE just a nuisance. But now with the *sage* Obama making a tsunami out of a Somali splash, he has the pirates contemplating more violent tactics.

There is no *change* with Obama. He is just as committed to the Military Media Complex as Bush and Clinton and Bush and Reagan and all the others. . .

All these *liberals* with their God damned Obama signs and their embarrassing fawning over an empty mulatto, please explain to me how you can tell Bush is no longer in office? What difference is there?

What a crazy mixed-up world. You got the Great Charlatan Obama, who is just one white woman away from being one of those raggedy-ass pirates himself, sitting in the Oval Office, acting like it is the most rational, civilized, enlightened thing to be considering increasing the violence on the Indian Ocean. . .(along with increasing the violence in *AfPak,* as well).

And while myopic Americans celebrate the cherry-picker killing of three raggedy black boys, the families of the other 200+ pirate-held hostages are now sweating even more, knowing the pirates’ trigger fingers just got a little more itchy. . .

The pirate *rescue* was a typical American action. . .with no consideration of the possible consequence for the other hostages. Obama couldn’t bear the *distraction* of one fucking measly American hostage. . .no patience. . .no leadership.

Obama is a mulatto slave to public opinion. Here was a chance for Mr. Change You Can Believe In to actually make a change in American policy. He had a chance to make a decision by placing the situation in its proper perspective. But like a mongrel dog returning to the vomit of BushCo, he cynically authorized a violent *quick fix* that will only end up creating a much larger and more difficult problem.

Ha ha ha. . .all the adoring *liberals,* who thought Obama would bring their secular rapture and fly them all to the New USA. . .ha ha ha. . .you’ve been Left Behind!


  1. Ha ha ha. . .all the adoring *liberals,* who thought Obama would bring their secular rapture and fly them all to the New USA. . .ha ha ha. . .you’ve been Left Behind!It's the New JerUSAlem, fersher!

    The bubble-heads like Glenn & Rush are still painting POTUS as though he were some sort of bolshevik. That's temporary though. I give this administration 6 more months until it's the least popular in the history of American electoral politics, barring any unforseen miracles like Obamanna from heaven - donuts falling out of the sky or busty Pam Anderson clones appearing on a street corner near you. It's going to take quite a bit of smoke and mirrors to cover for the usual ineptitude.

  2. I feel like we're watching a RonCo ad. . . "but there's more!"

    17k more to Afghanistan. But there's more! Staying in Iraq. But there's more! A tax on the lower classes through the tobacco tax (what happened to only the top 5 getting smacked around?). But there's more! This guy as a commie, as a revolutionary, as an agent of "change" is a bit over-stated by both sides. He looks like Bushco prancing around in semi-blackface.

    It's hard to have a lot of compassion for the pirates, boys or not. The child soldiers of Africa are pretty dangerous tools wielded by the men of that continent. But if those guys were killed when they were ready to surrender to give the Obama Admin a public "win", it's disgusting but unsurprising.

    If cannibalism were popular, Obama would be fattening up some Nigerian babies next to his wife's garden.

  3. About those pirates:


    As Jim Thompson said, "there are 32 different ways to tell a story, but there is only one story: things are not as they seem."

  4. I think the only thing I disagree with you on is that you act like this Obama tool actually makes any decisions whatsoever. Just like Bush he's just a cue card reader.

  5. Yes, you are right. I gave the mulatto more credit than he deserves.

  6. Obama answers to this globalist scumbag.


    I tend to think this pirates hysteria is just to distract the sheeple from things that actually matter. There are a lot of Somalians in Copenhagen, to put it nicely they aren't exactly the brightest bulbs in the box. In many ways they actually inherit the worst traits of both blacks and muslims.

    By the way what do you think of this tax protest shit from the other day? I haven't seen anything but short little news articles but it seems like all the usual republicunt neo-con suspects (Limbaugh, Beck, etc)have stuck their nose into this and usurped the whole thing to turn it into a phony right/left thing. As if the government fucking people over with taxes started with Obama or some shit! It seems like there is a big base of people like the Ron Paul supporter type who at least have somewhat of a clue who would be drawn to something like this the neo-cons are trying to drown out.

  7. You are exactly right that the Tea Party thing was co-opted and turned into a right wing wank-off.

    You mention Beck. .. I had never heard of this guy, who has the emotional make-up of a neurotic washerwoman, until somebody sent me this link about a week ago:


    Look at this pantywaist weeping for America. I can’t think of a stupider thing to cry about.

    “I”m just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country!” he sobs.

    What a silly little pussy.

    I have more respect for cheerleaders who weep when their team loses the big game.

  8. Oh, the Teabag protest. . . first, someone needs to clue these folks in the double-meaning of teabagging. But the other parts. . . the chants of "USA, USA, USA!" and sloganeering. . . disgusting and pathetic.

    Most offensive, to my fragile ego anyhow, was the several people that left voice mails or text messages with me asking whether I attended our teabagging in Atlanta.

    My reply? "I call that Tuesday night at Che ITP."

  9. You mention Beck. .. I had never heard of this guy, who has the emotional make-up of a neurotic washerwoman, until somebody sent me this link about a week ago:

    Glenn Beck! Ha Ha Ha! What a masochistic fruitloop.

    I mean, who converts to Mormonism voluntarily? It's bad enough to be born into that dullest of all traditions. It makes being a Protestant, Jew or even Catholic look like a day at the beach in comparison.

    Some of us have to make do with it; but I can't imagine embracing it as an adult, and anyone who does is suspect of having something wrong with his noggin, in my humble estimation.

  10. Ha ha! That nigger thinks he done hit the jack pot. Grinning like the cat that ate the canary. Free food and lodging and a trip to Amerikwanza! I doubt he's ever had it so good in his life.


  11. FewThereBeThatFindIt21 April, 2009 14:30

    Ha ha ha. . .if that *pirate* wasn't smiling, you wouldn't be able to see him.

    I bet some horny white female school teacher with a limp dick husband ends up adopting him.

  12. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2387203.ece

    Science finally catches up with TJMT. This is basically what I wrote about ten years ago, though in a more *politically incorrect* fashion. I think it was TJMT #8, the one with super skinny Trish Goff on the cover, our *Miss Planet Friendly!*

  13. Obama's brand-spankin' new "War on Piracy"? Whats next - the "War on Dandyism"...maybe a "War on Skullduggery"?

  14. Yeah your right I think Obama should declare war on civil war reenactors, renfaires and those places where actors dress up like cowboys and act like they are in the old west too.