27 April 2009

I Love The Smell Of Pestilence In The Morning

Random thoughts on the *pandemic:*

1) I believe if you study the NAFTA agreement carefully, you will find Mexico is only supposed to send us fruit pickers, janitors, fast food workers and cocaine. This is not the *Change* I was hoping for under Lord Obama.

2) You know Media cannot wait for the first American to die. 300 million Americans trapped in their homes with nothing to do but let FOXMSNBCCNN force-feed them panic.

3) I can’t wait to see the TMZPEREZHILTONPOPEATER pics of Lindsay Lohan stripping off her panties and wrapping them around her face as a surgical mask.

4) I love the smell of pestilence in the morning!!


  1. It wouldn't surprise me if Lindsey Lohan was already a carrier of the swine flu; or perhaps it's just Mexican Cocaine. Whatever the cause, She looks awful these days and I feel sorry for her.

  2. Here in GA, the agreement is something about pools of Latin labor crowded at various places, some not so predictable. Predictable are the Lowes and HD's with the labor hanging around; some are not so predictable such as some gas stations. The HD on Ponce here in Atlanta has an assortment; Generally 70% Latin with most of the rest black. A couple of whites are generally there as well, though they scare me.

    Buddy of mine likes to find what he calls a "well bodied Mexican" which is crazy in my thinking b/c if Paco decides to go loco, I wanna be able to take him. I don't need some Mexi-Hoss kicking my ass.

    But I have to admit, while laughing at this "pandemic", I have not picked up any labor because of reservations about the flu, though I've considered if I got the swine flu it would be the easy way to losing 15 lbs.

    Then again, all this extra work I've been performing should help lose some weight though the increase in beer swilling is not helping.

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