26 May 2011

This Is Real Democracy

"This is real democracy!" the blowhard head of the zionist state thunders, after being interrupted, for seven whole seconds, by an ethnic person of conscience.

According to the head of the zionist state, such protests would not be allowed in Iran or Libya. . .and it is a sign of the greatness of AmerICKa and the zionist state that these *free states* allow such protests. . .(for seven whole seconds).

Ha ha ha. . .

Let's see what really happened to the ethnic person of conscience who exercised her *right* to *free speech* (for seven whole seconds) in the *free state* of AmerICKa:

Jerusalem Post, 24 May 2011: The protester who heckled Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his speech to a joint session of the US Congress was arrested by police for "disrupting Congress," a press release from the group Move Over AIPAC said. Rae Abileah was taken to the hospital by Capital Police after reportedly being assaulted and tackled in the House Gallery by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) members. Abileah, a member of CODEPINK from California, is Jewish and of Israeli descent, according to a press release.

Ha ha ha. . .in the *free state* of AmerICKa, where political protest is *allowed,* (for seven whole seconds, in supposed contrast to Iran and Libya), the young female protestor is beaten by agents of a foreign state (and while the youg woman was being beaten, the AmerICKan congressmen and congresswomen stood and applauded the assault, cheered and applauded the violent censor of dissent), and then arrested, while still lying injured in a hospital bed, for the crime of protesting!

This could never happen in Iran or Libya, the zionist says. . .

"This is real democracy!"

Ha ha ha. . .

And yet I would wager the vast majority of AmerICKans, if informed of the beating and arrest of the protestor, would still hold to the illusion of *free speech.*

Firstly, the sheeple care nothing for the *rights* of anyone who would oppose the AmerICKan National Interest (an Interest which opposes their own interest, but which they are ignorant of, having been thoroughly brainwashed from birth into a dumb patriotism).

Secondly, the sheeple will cling to the illusion of *free speech* because they are allowed to make all the noise they want for or against faggot marriage, for or against abortion, for or against any kind of social issue that does not contradict the policies of the Military Media Complex. The rulers of AmerICKa will let the sheeple strain all they want at the gnat of faggot marriage, so long as they continue to swallow the camel of perpetual war. This is the real democracy the zionist blowhard thunders about. . .

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  1. It seems democracy today is run by students of Pontius Pilate. The citizenry rejects the Gospel in favor of evil leadership? Does not the people know they outnumber the elites by 300 million strong?