01 September 2021

College Football 2021, Week One

Ohio State -14 @ Minnesota: The Buckeyes defense was mediocre last year, Minnesota has some decent players on offense, if the new OSU QB is slow out of the gate, the Urine-Colored Gophers could take an early lead, then hang on for a 13 point loss.  Minnesota

Penn State +5.5 @ Wisconsin: The Badgers have some weird domestic violence type situation going on in their running backs room, one claims another assaulted him in his dorm room.  Sounds vaguely gay, for that reason we pick: Penn State

Alabama -19.5 vs Miami: If the new Alabama QB is slow out of the gate, the Hurricanes could take an early lead, then hang on for a 19 point loss.  But I don't think that is gonna happen.  Then again, Bill O'Brien is Nick Saban's new OC, he ain't no Lane Kiffin or Cutty Sarkisian.  Hopefully we'll get to see a beet-red in the face Saban yelling at O'Brien early in the second half.  Miami

Louisiana +8 @ Texas: Cutty Sarkisian's first game as Longhorn HC could be a wild one.  Texas has a giant talent edge.  I mean, they have a roster that's as loaded as anybody's this side of Alabama and Ohio State. . .but they've been poorly coached for so long, they can lose to just about anybody on their schedule.  Louisiana has one of the great southern coaches, Billy Napier, they will be ready and won't be wetting their pants. . .but I just have a feeling the Longhorns will overwhelm them, I've sipped the Hudson Card/Bijan Robinson Kool-Aid. Texas

San Jose State +14 @ USC: USC rarely blows anybody out.  They can't play 60 true minutes of football, they'll win, but have enough of their usual off series to allow SJS to cover.  San Jose State.

Georgia +3 vs Clemson: Huge game, two title contenders go right at it Week One.  Clemson can lose and still run the table and make the playoffs, so this game isn't as pressure packed as it is for Georgia.  Georgia ain't running the table in the SEC.  Wait. I just checked Georgia's schedule. LOL! No Alabama, no Texas A&M, no LSU.  Not even Ole Miss. Only one tough game, Florida, and one possible tough game, Auburn.  So the loser of this game will not have their playoff chances crushed.  Clemson has looked a little too finesse the last two years.  And Ohio State really kicked their ass.  I think Georgia is too physical for the pretty boys from Clemson, just as long as JT Daniels doesn't get injured.  If the Bulldogs have to use a back-up QB, game over. Georgia

LSU -3 @ UCLA: Most interesting game of the week.  Two big question mark teams.  The 2019 LSU team was one of the All-Time Greats, but they lost a ton of players and coaches, and they looked amateurish for most of 2020, a real nose dive.  It's time for Chip Kelly to shit or get off the pot at UCLA.  Fourth year, veteran QB, system fully installed with his guys, they looked decent at times in 2020.  LSU still has a roster of 4 and 5 star recruits, while UCLA is mostly a 3 star team, but comic figure coach Ed Orgeron has once again had to remake his coaching staff. . .unfortunately, it looks like 2019 was the anomaly for Ed and LSU. . .and there's also the stink of seeming countless athletics scandals in Baton Rouge.  LSU just smells like a corpse.  UCLA.  

Bonus Picks: Western Michigan +17 over Michigan, Kent State +28.5 over Texas A&M, Northern Iowa +32 over Iowa St, Eastern Illinois +40.5 over South Carolina, Oregon St +7 over Purdue, East Tennessee St +21.5 over Vanderbilt, Florida St +7.5 over ND, Ole Miss -9.5 over Louisville.

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