04 June 2020

Powder Keg USA, Farce Edition: Trump Scared Of His Own Shadow

Hey, America, here's what's got your President Trump so scared he called in the National Guard to protect his frightened ass. . .what a fucking joke!  200 weekend warriors guarding an empty street in Washington DC so Trump can peek out his bedroom window and not see a half-dozen angry faces.  The whole world is laughing at that coward Trump.  Hey, Trump, go *inspect* your bunker and let these weekend warriors go back to their day jobs.  And America, you better pray you never need these weekend warriors to save your sorry asses from China, cuz they ain't up to it, they got rattled, some of them actually cried like little girls cuz they couldn't handle playground taunts from a half-dozen scraggly ass motherfuckers! 

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