23 June 2020

Blacks Owe Biden An Apology


Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, apologized for telling a radio host that black voters torn between voting for him and President Trump “ain’t black,” remarks that ignited a firestorm online.

LOL!  American blacks ought to apologize to Biden for being so sensitive and so dishonestly aggrieved.  It was a clear truth then that any American black who voted for Trump was either intellectually handicapped or self-hating.  Trump despises black people.  He don't want to be around black people.  He won't rent to them, he don't want them touching his money, he thinks they're lazy.  This scorn for blacks is documented here.  

And now after Trump's complete disdain and dismissal of the current Black Lives Matter intifada (he won't even allow his poodle Mike Pence to say *black lives matter*), it is now obvious WORLD WIDE that Trump couldn't give two shits about American blacks.  

After watching Trump barricade himself in the White House and hide in his bunker and then beg for the US Military to clear away all traces of the Black Lives Matter protests, after hearing Trump respond to black America's call for police reform with a promise for more Law&Order!® for white folks, isn't it time for blacks to say, yeah, Joe, you were right, if we vote for Trump, we ain't black, we're nothing but Uncle Toms?

That's not to say Biden is much better. . .he ain't.  But he'll say the right things and do one or two small things to make black life better (health care, for damn sure making sure the black vote ain't suppressed, perhaps even modifying police immunity).  It ain't the least bit racist to say it is glaringly obvious blacks ought to vote for Biden instead of Trump.

And the Black Lives Matter intifada needs to continue past Election Day.  Don't let up.  Maybe blacks can wring more out of Biden.  

But to say voting for Trump is an option?  Please.  Don't insult white intelligence!

What does the black republican look like? Just take a look at the pathetic Uncle Tom Tim Scott, *republican* senator from South Carolina, who humiliated himself and took a knee before Donald Trump by becoming his waterboy for *police reform.*  You wonder how this black *republican* lives with himself, knowing damn well how the po-lice brutalize and oppress black folk, and yet he does his master's bidding, anyway, producing a fake police reform bill that is an insult to all victims (whatever their race) of po-lice malfeasance.  

No.  And it's too bad the old dope Biden apologized in the first place.  It's weak to apologize for the truth.  That's one reason whites ain't too excited to vote for him. . .no backbone, he bends whichever way the wind blows.

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