04 June 2020

Powder Keg USA: After The Smoke Has Cleared

The rapid and widespread chaos of Sunday and Monday, an explosion of unrest, really, was difficult to properly interpret.  Was it possible there could be ongoing violent clashes between subcultures, with police/military interference also, to the point the *normal business* of the country would be disrupted for a significant period of time?  Now that the smoke of the fires has cleared, and the gangs of teen looters have run off with their new shoes and iPhones, it seems the answer is no.  The paroxysm of truly menacing mischief is over, and all that is left are the *peaceful protests,* id est the summer block parties of the young, which the taunted lummox police season with their various pepper sprays.  These *peaceful protests* block parties, starring young white girls modeling their new short-shorts, also serve as community theater, with the performances airing via selfies and ineptly filmed live streams over social media.  Partying, hook-ups, exhibitionism forming a simulacrum of *resistance.*

There are millions of disaffected Americans, and a small portion of them (with their varying motivations), drafted behind race protesters/rioters and contributed their own personal rage. . .but after peaking Monday night, the virus of mischief flattened and now turns downward.  Americans remain largely lethargic, difficult to rouse from their stupor of video games, intoxication, binge eating and binge streaming.  Even with the dual virus crises, the American remains enervated by his modest comforts and, perhaps more importantly, his country's castrated democracy, of which, like a neutered cat, he is sleepily unaware.

It's clear the buffoon President Trump badly over-reacted, his fear for his personal safety infecting nervous older Americans through the looting-obsessed FOX news network.  Trump's subsequent call-up of the military has been entirely unjustified, and we are left with Trump's Theater of the Absurd, as evidenced in the prior post, in which we see the empty streets of Washington DC occupied by the National Guard to prevent the takeover of America by a half-dozen angry and/or drunken malcontents.

Of course, barring some act of truly mass violence, all of this will be long forgotten come election day, and Trump may still win re-election by default over the glitchy Biden hologram.

Still no hope for genuine change to reverse America's now four decades long decline. . . 

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