13 June 2020

Powder Keg USA: Our Trump, The Little Beast

When asked by a race traitor on FOX news why he thought people protested after the George Floyd murder, President Trump said the protesters didn't know why they were protesting, and that some then just followed the crowd of the unknowing. . .

It's clear the President doesn't have the patience or the inclination to give thought to the meaning of the mass demonstrations of the last two weeks.  He has no desire to tackle the difficult race problem in America.  He wishes it would magically disappear, just like he wished the coronavirus would magically disappear.  And just like he fixated on one simple and easy to understand solution to the coronavirus—it's a Chinese virus, so let's stop Chinese people from coming to the US—he's fixated on one simple and easy to understand solution to the problem of the mass demonstrations—they were riots orchestrated by bad leftist people, *antifa,* so let's have more Law & Order to dominate and sweep away these bad leftist people.

Trump is a tired old man who refuses to acknowledge anything that is not Great!®.  He only has the energy to be the President of Nice!®.  Please, he routinely begs Media, ask me nice questions, say positive things about me, discontinue the mean FakeNews!® that suggests all is not right in the America He Made Great Again.  He only wants to be praised and have high *ratings.*  He's so sensitive, so pained by anything that contradicts his own inflated impression of himself, he even sent a cease-and-desist letter to CNN, demanding an apology and a retraction for a presidential preference poll that showed him badly trailing Joe Biden.  Failure to comply would result in *severe sanctions!*  The US is in the midst of a virus crisis and a race crisis, and the President is focused on his own image. . .

The buffoon Trump is utterly disinterested in anything other than his own personal fate, so much so that he has no true knowledge of anything that is happening in America.  An example is his absurd characterization of Seattle's *Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.*  The buffoon Trump (and the moronic FOX network) paint a dark picture of anarchy, violence, subversion of the republic that must be absolutely and mercilessly crushed before it. . .before it. . .before it what?  Before it spreads to Portland??  I don't know.  Trump (and FOX) don't tell us what fresh Hell awaits.  Well, I haven't been to Seattle, so I don't know exactly what's going on there, but I would guess Seattle 2020 looks more like San Francisco 1967 than Russia 1917.  

No, the really frightening thing is not what the unwashed youth of Seattle are doing, but the ugly, dishonest and perverted representation of it by Trump (and FOX).  My God, that there are a few young people left in America who want to rebel (if only in LARP mode) against her Dead Neoliberal Way of Life—that ought to be cheered for, not sneered at.  

Trump managed to masquerade as a President for 3 1/2 years, and now because of the virus crisis and the social unrest, he's been unmasked and shown to be impotent.

The beast was given a mouth speaking proud words and blasphemies, and he was permitted to exercise ruling authority for forty-two months.

Our Trump: the little beast, full of angry tweets because he knows his time is short.

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